Grand Canyon – 12 ft. x Custom Length – Wool

$4.49 $3.34 sq. ft.

Color: Limestone

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This residential product is made up of 100% new wool, making it one of the most natural products you can get on the market, as there are no artificial ingredients needed. Wool is a staple carpet fiber. It is inherently stain-resistant and stands the test of time when it comes to wear and tear. The Limestone color offers nice grey tones, but with the natural warmth of the wool color coming through makes this a very transitional piece both in color and style. Thickness: 3/16 inch


Are you ready to purchase your carpet or vinyl roll, but don’t know how to measure your space? These are special, as all you need to do is find the total square footage of your space! Here is a quick lesson on how to do this.

For these products, just divide your total square footage by the set width listed, and that should help you figure out how much to enter in the length field!

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